Large Club Conference - Resources

Click on the links below to view or download presentations or resources from the 2015 Large Club Conference held in Milwaukee. 


From the conference booklet:

Club data in Excel (except for info on dues, which didn't fit well in spreadsheet format). There is a different tab for each new data set. 


Information about our banners:

Many clubs expressed interest in duplicating our club banners. RCM Member John Thiel's firm designed our main banner, Four Way Test banners, and podium banner (which you did not see at the Pfister). Given the interest, Thiel Design is offering print-ready design files with your club's logo for a reasonable flat fee. See Thiel's offer here and design example here


FastSigns produced our hop-up style banners and podium banner for about $4,500. Thiel Design worked closely with our local FastSigns franchise to ensure appropriate color matching, and suggests that clubs may want to work with the Milwaukee FastSigns and have the banners shipped. Of course you are welcome to work with your own print/sign companies or FastSigns franchises local to you.  


If you are interested, feel free to get in touch with Thiel Design directly at the contact info in their offer. Please note that if you are interested in customization beyond substitution of your club logo, Thiel would approach it as a project outside of the scope of this flat fee offer. 


Topics from the Executive Director Session:


Presentations & Speakers: