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Each year between the 4th of July and Labor Day, the LIVE @ the Lakefront concert series brings original music to the Rotary Amphitheater at Discovery World! These FREE concerts run 5:30-9pm on Wednesday nights.


The Rotary Amphitheater at Discovery World features a 350-person seating arena and a stage overhanging Lake Michigan. Seating is available on a first come, first served basis. Guests are also invited to bring chairs or blankets to enjoy the concerts on the patio and lawn overlooking the amphitheater. Concerts will be performed RAIN OR SHINE and can be held indoors on the Discovery World Promenade or inside the Sponsor Tent in the event of inclement weather.


Whatever your musical tastes the lineup for the 2019 concert series has an event that will appeal to you, with a great mix of new acts and old favorites.


2019 Season Schedule


7/10/19 Nabori
Naborí came together in 2005 with one goal: create the best original salsa brava for the dancing public. Their carefully crafted lyrics and polished arrangements harken back to the traditions of the salseros of old, making Naborí part of the renaissance of this genre beloved by music fans worldwide.


7/17/19 Mad Rocksteady
Mad Rocksteady is a group dedicated to paying homage to the roots of reggae music. When Jamaican artists took the energetic ska offbeat rhythm of the late 50’s and early 60’s and slowed it down they created rocksteady music, and precursor to reggae. Mad Rocksteady’s live show offers a mix of original ska, rocksteady and reggae blended together seamlessly with their rich vocalists, horn section and percussionists.


7/24/19 Mayer Kirby Mayer
Singer-songwriters Peter Mayer and Scott Kirby met in 1991 in Key West at the original Margaritaville Cafe. The two began a musical friendship that included co-writing, performing, and the record label Little Flock Music. In 2013, Peter’s son Brendan set out on his own musical journey, which included joining his father and Kirby on their annual east coast acoustic tour. The tour features the three on acoustic instruments and percussion.


7/31/19 The Henhouse Prowlers
Founded over 13 years ago with the simple desire to play original and powerful bluegrass, the Henhouse Prowlers now find themselves at the intersection of performance, diplomacy and education. They have played in more than 25 countries across the globe, working with the U.S. State Department and under their own nonprofit, Bluegrass Ambassadors – incorporating music from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and more into their already robust repertoire of unique traditional American music. On stage the Henhouse Prowlers find and spread the commonality we share as human beings through the universal language of music.


8/7/19 VIVO
VIVO is a contemporary Brazilian samba bossa nova jazz ensemble featuring famed Milwaukee saxophonist Warren Wiegratz, vocalist Pam Duronio, guitarist Tim Stemper, drummer Brian Dale and bassist Eric Hervey. Nominated as the 2017 WAMI Jazz Artist of the Year, VIVO will be playing songs from their 2015 CD release, This is the Time.


8/14/19 Blues Disciples

The Blues Disciples have been bringing their Blues to the people of the local clubs in the Milwaukee area and the Midwest region since 1990. Founded by “Barefoot” Jimmy Schwarz with the intent of remaining true to the influences of the Chicago electric blues era of the 50’s and 60’s. Their years of powerful shows every week turned a whole new generation on to the Blues genre.


8/28/19 Natty Nation
Natty Nation has been keeping their unique reggae beats throbbing through the heartland since their inception in 1995. With original hard roots rock reggae & dub and messages of peace, love, community and spreading positive vibrations, every Natty Nation concert is a dynamic experience.


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