June 2018 CONNECTING Newsletter
CONNECTOR Groups – New

Rotary CONNECTORS are new social groups for Rotarians who share a common passion or interest. It also offers a fun way to make friends and deepen relationships. The CONNECTORS will be led by a Rotarian who volunteers for the role. The activities and the frequencies of the activities will be determined by the members of the group. Family and friends are welcome to participate.


This summer we are offering four CONNECTOR groups. One is for coffee drinkers led by Theresa Reagan, one is for beer enthusiasts led by Scott Glidden, one is for park explorers led by Beth Heller and one for bikers led by Bill Robison.


Want to join a CONNECTOR Group? Check out and join their Facebook group page to receive updates on upcoming events. Search the following on Facebook:


MKE Rotary CONNECTOR – Coffee

MKE Rotary CONNECTOR – Parks

MKE Rotary CONNECTOR – Bikes



Please contact the CONNECTOR group leaders with any questions.