The Rotary Club of Milwaukee’s Done-In-A-Day (DIAD) committee provides opportunities for our members to participate in volunteer events and projects lasting from two to eight hours during one day. Rotary selects about six different kinds of activities scheduled throughout the year to provide meaningful "hands-on" service for members and the community.


Some Recent DIAD Projects


Reinhart Food Show

Every Spring, Rotary volunteers collect thousands of pounds of food leftover from the Reinhart Food show in The food is sent to Feeding America, where it will go to those in need.







Bell Ringing

Holiday bell ringing for the Salvation Army is a long standing tradition in our club. Each December dozens of Rotarians bundle up and ring the bell outside local grocery stores.






Packing Meals for Worldwide Hunger Relief

In March Rotarians gathered at the Usinger Warehouse to pack meals for hungry families around the world. In a 60 minute span, a volunteer can pack just over 200 meals. Each meal feeds a family of six and costs approximately 12 cents. 



Gardening at Walnut Way

Rotarians roll up their sleeves each spring to help Walnut Way Conservation Corp., a neighborhood organization founded by residents of Milwaukee's central city.









St. Catherine's Residence Roof Project

Responding to a call from Rotarian Lynne Oehlke of St. Catherine's Residence, Rotarians helped prepare surfaces so that St. Catherine's leaky roof could be prepared. St. Catherine provides affordable housing and supportive services for women.






Volunteer requests should be made at least three months in advance to allow time for our approval process and notice to members. We will notify you of our decision within two weeks of receiving your request. If approved, we will assign a Rotary member to be a liaison with your organization.


Requests should be from tax-exempt organizations with a local board of directors or a local governmental or public entity. We do not provide volunteers for fund raising activities, e.g. walks, runs, or auctions. Please complete our DIAD Volunteer Form if you are in need of volunteers for an event or project.