June 2017 WAVES Newsletter
Beth Heller Visits Rotary Tel Aviv-Yafo

This Spring, the Urban Ecology Center sent a small delegation to a city on the Sea of Galilee, Tiberias, on an exploratory mission. Our trip was packed with conversation, tours and warm hospitality: all revolving around assessing opportunities, needs and gaps in the ecological literacy of the region.


I took the opportunity to attend Rotary Tel Aviv-Yafo luncheon. Established in 1935, this club is a group of about 35 highly engaged members. They recently have launched an effort to recruit young and early career leaders, who now make up about 1/3 of the club. I sat with two past presidents and was warmly welcomed. They also invited me to give a short presentation on our eco-delegation. After my presentation, the club presented me with their Rotary flag: designed by world-renowned artist, Yaacov Agam!


The program, unlike the opening comments, was in Hebrew. While I don’t speak Hebrew, I still was able to get a sense of the club and the conversation. The presentation was about the housing crisis in Tel Aviv (extremely high costs/limited affordable housing). There was great energy in the room, and I am grateful to Rotary and its international reach in providing me this opportunity.


I now encourage you to visit another Rotary that is local, in the United States or abroad. Check out Rotary International’s website at Rotary.org and search ‘Club Finder’ to explore its 34,000 clubs around the world.