April 2018 CONNECTING Newsletter
Rotary Vital Signs: Work Ahead and Time to Celebrate!

Do you know that there are three specific indicators of a healthy, growing Rotary Club and they are tied to our membership base? While the combined work of the Recruitment & Admissions and Member Engagement Committees focus on strategies to achieve these metrics, every single member is responsible for delivering on them.


According to Bill Prichard, of the Rotary Membership Team for Zone 28 (WI, MN, ND, IA and part of IL, NE, Ontario), they are as follows:


  • Clone your club every 10 years: Recruit enough new members so the combined total of all new members over 10 years is equal to or greater than the total club size.
  • Maintain a 3 year retention rate of 75% or higher for new members.
    Sustain a member retention rate of 75% or higher for those who have been members longer than 3 years.
  • If we can reach these goals, research indicates that we will have a healthy, sustaining or growing club.


What can you do to help sustain our club?


Recruit your colleagues to Rotary and shine for new members!


Recruit your colleagues to Rotary. Think of people you admire for their professional accomplishments or leadership in the community, and ask them to lunch on Tuesday. Let the Rotary office know that they are prospective member, and lunch is covered! Or, invite them to a networking event, Done-in-a-day event, Live @ the Lakefront or morning coffee gatherings. In order to grow our Club, we need to have someone introduced nearly every single week. If no new member is introduced at lunch, notice. And take action.


Shine for our new members. See the color yellow on a name badge? Think of the sun, and bring that warmth and energy to your interaction. If you’ve introduced a new member in the last year or two, check-in with them. Make sure their experiences reflect the 4-way test. Apply that same approach to the long-time members too. Each and every one of us has the responsibility and the opportunity to cultivate a healthy club membership.


Time to Celebrate! Given the metrics above, you may be wondering how we are doing? This year, we were recognized for meeting all three criteria base on the average of the past three years: 1) our three year average recruitment spread over 10 years equals our total membership of 353 from 3 years ago, 2) we are at 81% in new recruitment retention and 3) a 77% retention rate for all other members. In Wisconsin, only 10% of the clubs meet all three criteria! Thank you to everyone who recruited new members and contributed this success! For more details visit the Club Member Viability & Growth Report found on Rotary Club Central.


For more about recruitment criteria, stop at the welcome table or Rotary office or check-in with Recruitment and Admission co-chairs, Beth Heller or Matt Hunter.