January 2018 CONNECTING Newsletter
2017 Land Stewardship accomplishments at the Urban Ecology Center

Over the last year, the Urban Ecology Center (UEC) Land Stewardship staff and volunteers have accomplished an amazing amount of work on the Milwaukee Rotary Centennial Arboretum land. 


They planted and protected 800 native trees in the river flats along the Milwaukee River adding to the diversity and complexity of that area, while also protecting an additional 2000 native trees.


A climate change readiness forest was planted over ¾ of an acre of land consisting of trees with a native growth range within southeast Wisconsin as well as some whose range are typically just to the south in northern Illinois and Indiana.


Loads of invasive species were removed from the land. Introduced invasive species, brought out of their historic range where they are kept in balance through natural disease and predation, can crowd out native plants forming monoculture stands and reducing diversity.


A successful prescribed burn was conducted on the ‘new’ Arboretum land in April of 2017. Prescribed fire is a useful management tool to knock back encroaching invasive species and reinvigorate the fire adapted native species while also reducing previous years’ duff layer and adding nutrients to the soil.